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Quench Your Thirst: The Waterfront Drink Menu

Few things enhance a seaside dining experience like a well-crafted cocktail menu. Watching the sunset or enjoying the ocean breeze with the right drink may make the experience unforgettable. The Waterfront’s drink selection is carefully selected for every taste, from the discriminating to the casual. Discover the allure of Craft Bar & Spirits, Draft and Bottle Beer, Spirits and Liqueurs, and Wine.

Craft Bar & Spirits

Quality and creativity are the cornerstones of our Craft Bar & Spirits collection. We think it’s important to recognize the creativity and skill that go into making each distinctive drink. This menu, which features premium spirits served straight as well as carefully made cocktails, is a showcase for our bartenders’ inventiveness and talent.

1944 Mai Tai 

This classic cocktail is a timeless favorite. Originating in the 1940s, the Mai Tai typically features a blend of dark and light rum, orange curacao, orgeat syrup (which adds a nutty flavor), and fresh lime juice. Served over ice, it’s a refreshing and tropical drink that transports you to a sunny beach with each sip.

American Mule 

A variation of the Moscow Mule, the American Mule swaps out the traditional vodka for Tito’s Vodka, a popular choice known for its smoothness and quality. Fresh lime juice adds a zesty kick, while ginger beer provides a spicy, effervescent finish. Served in a copper mug, this cocktail is as visually appealing as it is delicious.

The Waterfront G&T

This twist on the classic gin and tonic incorporates fresh rosemary, juniper berries, and seasonal fruit for a botanical and refreshing flavor profile. The addition of Fever Tree Tonic elevates the drink with its premium quality and effervescence, making it a sophisticated choice for gin enthusiasts.

Kentucky Breakfast 

For those who enjoy a boozy brunch or a late-night pick-me-up, the Kentucky Breakfast is the perfect choice. Featuring Woodford Double Oak Bourbon, Kahlua, cocoa bitters, and fresh espresso, this cocktail is rich, indulgent, and full of robust flavors. Served in a coupe glass, it’s a decadent treat for the senses.

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Witte’s Rye 

Rye whiskey takes center stage in this complex and bold cocktail. Paired with amaro, Antico sweet vermouth, and Hellfire bitters, Witte’s Rye offers a sophisticated blend of sweet, bitter, and spicy notes. Served over a whiskey cube to chill without diluting, it’s a drink for whiskey aficionados looking for something a bit different.

Jalapeno Margarita

Spice up your cocktail repertoire with this fiery twist on the classic margarita. Blanco tequila, pressed lime juice, agave, basil, cilantro, and jalapeño come together to create a refreshing and bold drink with a kick. Served over ice, it’s perfect for sipping on a hot summer day or whenever you’re in the mood for something with a little extra heat.

Draft And Bottle Beer Menu

Beer enthusiasts, rejoice! Our selection of draft and bottle beers is a mashup of everything barley and hops. Every palette may be satisfied by our carefully chosen variety, which includes rich stouts, crisp lagers, and hoppy IPAs. With every cool sip, go on a voyage of taste and discovery, from regional craft beers to global favorites.

Jai Alai 

Jai Alai is a popular American IPA known for its bold citrus and tropical fruit flavors, balanced by a strong malt backbone. With a moderate bitterness and a clean finish, it’s a refreshing choice for hop lovers.

Fat Tire Amber Ale 

Fat Tire Amber Ale is a classic American amber ale with a smooth, biscuity malt profile and subtle hop character. It’s well-balanced and easy-drinking, making it a go-to choice for many beer enthusiasts.

Hacker Pschorre 

Hacker Pschorre is a traditional Bavarian wheat beer known for its refreshing, cloudy appearance and distinctive banana and clove aroma. It has a smooth, creamy texture and a hint of sweetness, making it a refreshing choice for any occasion.

St. Bernardus ABT 

St. Bernardus ABT is a Belgian quadrupel ale with complex flavors of dark fruit, caramel, and spice. It has a rich, full-bodied mouthfeel and a warming alcohol presence, making it a perfect beer for sipping and savoring.

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Rogue Dead Guy Ale 

Rogue Dead Guy Ale is a Maibock-style ale with a robust malt profile and a touch of hop bitterness. It has caramel and toffee notes with a clean, dry finish, making it a versatile and flavorful choice.

Paulaner Lager 

Paulaner Lager is a classic German lager known for its crisp, clean taste and subtle malt sweetness. It’s light and refreshing with a smooth, easy-drinking character, making it a perfect choice for any occasion.

Spirits And Liqueur Menu

Our Spirits & Liqueur Menu provides an exquisite range of quality libations for the sophisticated and discriminating drinker. Every spirit, from handmade liqueurs to uncommon single malts, is picked for its outstanding quality and unmatched taste character. Our spirits will satisfy even the pickiest taste, whether they are savored neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation of an opulent cocktail.

Whiskey and Bourbon

Explore the world of whiskey and bourbon with our range of high-quality aged spirits. Every whiskey, from strong and peaty single malts to smooth and mellow bourbons, is a tribute to the age-old craft of distillation and maturation. As you examine the subtleties of each distinctive expression, savor the richness of tastes and fragrances.

Gin and Vodka

Our menu has an excellent assortment of quality gins and vodkas for those who like clear spirits. Every spirit, from traditional London Dry gins to contemporary craft variants, provides a unique combination of aromatics and botanicals that will entice the senses. Our gins and vodkas are the ideal option for every occasion, whether they are consumed straight or combined to create a delightful cocktail.

Liqueurs and Cordials

Satisfy your sweet craving with our assortment of rich cordials and liqueurs. Every bottle, ranging from rich chocolate liqueurs to creamy Irish creams, is a treasure trove of decadent tastes and opulent textures. Our liqueurs are guaranteed to please even the pickiest palates, whether they’re the main component in an opulent dessert drink or served as a digestif after dinner.

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Wine Menu

A dinner would not be complete without the ideal glass of wine to go with it. Our Wine food provides a carefully selected range of international varietals that are meant to improve your dining experience and go well with our food selections. With each graceful pour, discover a world of taste and finesse ranging from crisp whites to full-bodied reds.

White Wines

Explore the crisp freshness of our variety of white wines, which includes Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. Our selection of white wines offers a wide variety of tastes and aromas to suit any palette, whether your preference is for something rich and oaky or light and lemony.

Red Wines

Enjoy the robust complexity of our red wine range, which includes Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Our red wines, which range in texture from silky and smooth to robust and full-bodied, highlight the depth and complexity of flavors that can only be attained via rigorous winemaking and careful maturation.

Rosé and Sparkling Wines

We also have some pleasant rosés and sparkling wines on our menu for those looking for something a bit different. Our rosés and sparkling wines will dazzle and thrill whether you’re celebrating a special event or just want to add a little refinement to your dinner.


Our Waterfront Drink Menu reflects our dedication to quality, creativity, and hospitality. We have creative cocktails, refreshing beers, premium spirits, and great wines for every taste. Join us by the water to quench your thirst in style. Cheers!

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