Scallops and Pork Belly anna maria island

Scallops & Porkbelly Fried Rice (GFO)

Diver Scallops | Gochujang Marinated Porkbelly | Housemade Kimchi | Jasmine Fried Rice

Experience the rich and flavorful combination of savory pork belly and succulent diver scallops with our Scallops & Porkbelly Fried Rice dinner entree. Our diver scallops are seared to perfection and paired with gochujang marinated pork belly for a delicious and savory flavor combination. Served with a side of house-made kimchi for a refreshing and tangy complement, and a bed of jasmine fried rice for a satisfying touch. Plus, it’s a Gluten-Free (GFO) meal option, making it accessible to all.

This entree is perfect for those who crave a unique and flavorful twist on traditional seafood dishes. Come and enjoy this Scallops & Porkbelly Fried Rice dinner entree with a stunning view of the beach at The Waterfront Restaurant, and let the flavors transport you to a place of pure indulgence.

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