The Waterfront Restaurant Beer List

The Waterfront Restaurant Beer List

Along the beautiful shore, the shore Restaurant is a great place for beer lovers to find a wide range of craft and traditional beers. You can choose from a wide range of draft, canned, gluten-free, and nonalcoholic beers on the list, so there is something for everyone. Let us have a better look at the tempting things that this charming place has to offer.

Draft Beers

  • Jai Alai: This IPA is from Florida and has juicy lemon notes and a strong hop profile. ($6)
  • For those who like traditional American amber ales, Fat Tire Amber Ale has a taste of biscuit malt and a few hops. ($6)
  • Hacker Pschorre is a German wheat beer that is known for having a cool taste and a cloudy look. ($6)
  • Another Belgian quadruple is St. Bernardus ABT, which has hints of dark fruit and a rich malty sweetness. ($7)
  • The Rogue Dead Guy Ale is a tasty maibock-style ale with caramel notes and a smooth finish. ($6)
  • Paulaner beer is a crisp, clean German beer that is great for drinking on the go. ($6)
  • Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is a one-of-a-kind ale that has been aged in bourbon barrels, which gives it rich vanilla and oak tastes. ($6)
  • Guinness Stout is a famous Irish stout that tastes like roasted malt and has a creamy body. ($6)

Bottled Craft Beers

  • Lagunitas IPA is a Californian IPA that is full of citrusy hops and just the right amount of sharpness. ($6)
  • Rhinelander beer is a German beer that tastes crisp and refreshing and ends with a bit of bitterness. ($6)
  • Dogfish Head Sea Quench is a session sour that tastes great because it is made with sea salt, lime peel, and black lime. ($6)
  • Warsteiner Dunkel is a dark German beer that tastes sweet from the malt and has light roasted notes. ($6)
  • Reef Donkey is a pale ale made in the style of Florida. It smells like tropical fruits and has a clean, crisp finish. ($6)
  • Breckinridge Vanilla Porter is a smooth porter that tastes like chocolate and vanilla. ($6)

Bottled Beers

  • Samuel Adams is a well-known American lager that is known for having a balanced taste and being easy to drink. ($5)
  • Stella Artois is a Belgian beer that tastes nice and crisp and has a hint of floral hops. ($5)
  • The Netherlands’ Amstel Light is a light beer with a smooth, malty taste. ($5)
  • Blue Moon Wheat is a wheat ale made in the style of Belgian beer. It tastes like orange peel and coriander. ($5)
  • Corona is a Mexican beer that tastes smooth and light, with a hint of lime. ($5)
  • It’s an American beer that tastes clean and crisp and has a light hop bitterness. ($4)
  • Bud Light is a low-calorie light beer that tastes clean and cool. ($4)
  • Michelob Ultra is a light beer that is low in carbs and calories and great for people who are watching their weight. ($4)
  • Coors Light is a light beer that tastes clean and crisp with a sweet malt flavor. ($4)
  • Miller Lite is a familiar light beer that tastes great and is easy to drink. ($4)

Gluten-Free Bottled Beers

  • Omission beer is a gluten-free beer that tastes full of flavor because it is made with traditional ingredients. ($5)
  • Oh No! Pale Ale is a gluten-free pale ale with crisp hops that taste like lemon. ($5)

Nonalcoholic Bottled Beers

  • Heineken Zero is a lager that doesn’t have any booze in it, but it tastes just as good as the original Heineken. ($5)
  • Clausthaler is a German beer that doesn’t contain alcohol. It tastes crisp and refreshing. ($5)

People who go to The Waterfront Restaurant can enjoy a wonderful trip of tastes and styles thanks to the large selection of beers. There’s a beer for everyone at this waterfront gem, whether you like strong IPAs, smooth lagers, or rich stouts. At The Waterfront Restaurant, you can kick back, enjoy the good times, and raise a glass to great beer. Happy drinking!

Advantages of The Beer List at The Waterfront Restaurant

A Wide Range of Options

There are many kinds and types of beer at The Waterfront to suit everyone’s tastes. There are both light lagers and dark stouts in the selection, so everyone can find a favorite.

Improved Eating Experience

Pairing the right drink with a dish can make the dining experience much better. The Waterfront’s carefully chosen beer selection lets guests try free samples of different flavors, which makes their food even better.

Encouragement of Local Breweries

The Waterfront supports small, independent brewers in the area by stocking a variety of their drinks. This helps the craft beer industry stay alive and grow, and it also makes the local beer scene feel more like a community.

Exploration and Discovery

Customers are encouraged to leave their comfort zones and try new and interesting beers at The Waterfront because it is dedicated to serving both local faves and new beers from around the world. This openness to trying new things encourages diners to broaden their views and their palates, adding an element of adventure to the meal.

Superiority and Artistry

The Waterfront picks its beers based on their quality, accuracy, and commitment to making. No matter if it’s a standard or a one-of-a-kind creation, customers can expect the best drink.

Participation in the Community

The beer menu at The Waterfront is a place for people in the neighborhood to meet and talk, and it encourages customers, brewers, and local artists to become friends. Events that encourage people to talk and meet, like brewery evenings, tastings, and partnerships, make eating more enjoyable overall.

Possibilities for Education

The Waterfront offers guided tastings, staff ideas, and brewery visits so that visitors can learn more about beer. They can enjoy the art more and choose their drinks better because they know more about them.

Sustainability and Accountability

The Waterfront is committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing. All of the beers on its menu are chosen in a way that is good for both people and the earth. Customers can enjoy their favorite beers without feeling bad because they know they’re helping the environment when they buy from breweries that put sustainability first.

Treasured Moments

The Waterfront’s beer menu offers moments that last long after the last sip, whether you’re enjoying a beer slowly with friends, trying a new favorite, or going to an event that’s all about beer. Things like these times of happiness, connection, and finding are what make The Waterfront special and keep people coming back.


There are many great places to eat, but The Waterfront Restaurant stands out as a true gem. It serves delicious food and a wide range of beers that show off the skill and variety of the brewing industry. Every option, from local favorites to rare finds from around the world, has a story to tell and invites people to go on a journey of taste and discovery. If you want to treat yourself to a special meal, go to The Waterfront and raise a glass to the artistic benefits of beer. Hello there!

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