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Wine Menu

As the result of a long term vision and an ongoing pursuit of the perfect list, The Waterfront Restaurant is dedicated to offering a relatively small, 75 to 100 bottle list that represents each grapes’ distinctive characteristics. In our efforts to showcase each varietal, we also offer wines that are somewhat more esoteric and interesting, tempting some to think as well as drink “ outside the box”. By saying esoteric and interesting we don’t mean to suggest they are quirky wines in search of the unusual, but handcrafted wines from some passionate small producers that you might not find elsewhere, wines that definitely stand on their own. We have marked these wines with a symbol()so that you might identify them easily. In the process of selecting these wines our priorities are wines that are ready to drink and are well matched to The Waterfronts’ cuisine, from fresh, local seafood to a succulent hand cut, prime filet to an Asian marinated ribeye. The list is progressive, attempting to put the wines in order by category from lightest to heaviest, and done the same within each category, from lightest to heaviest. Categories will certainly overlap, as a full bodied merlot will be heavier than a light cabernet, for example. In addition to those listed here we also offer wines on the daily specials page on our menu each night, so relax and enjoy your experience, and if we can assist you in a selection, please do not hesitate to ask!
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Red Wines By The Glass

Sledgehammer Forged Red | 2018 California)

Petite Sirah Driven Blend Of North Coast Grapes


Martini Cabernet Sauvignon (Sonoma)

Dry With A Big Fruit Flavor


12 Glass / 43 Bottle

11 Glass / 38 Bottle

Martin Ray Synthesis | 2018 (Napa)

This 95% Cab, 5% Merlot Blend Comes From Three Renowned Districts – Diamond Mountain, Stags Leap And Rutherford. It Is Literally The Best Of The Best Vineyards And It Shows In The End Product.


B.R. Cohn Cabernet Sauvignon (Sonoma)

Black Currant, Soft Tannins & Slight Vanilla


Margarett's Merlot (California)

Rich With Notes Of Chocolate & Berry


Angeline Pinot Noir (Sonoma)

Hints Of Plum & Mocha


Tortoise Creek Zinfandel (California)

Medium-Bodied With Bold Fruit


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