What is a Craft Bar

What is a Craft Bar Craft bars are unlike many traditional bars, which churn drinks out at the pace of a fast food restaurant. Craft bars are notorious for making sure that their cocktails are individually cared for and “handcrafted,” hence the name of the bar. Instead of making each drink as fast as possible, Craft bars treat mixology as a graduate level college course, using fresh ingredients, ice carved by hand, premium liquors, and more. Those manning the Craft bar are more artisan than “bartender,” and the exotic and memorable flavors created at these kind of bars have made them especially popular throughout the country. Popular liquors served at craft bars include vodka, gin, tequila, rum, whiskey, craft beer, and wine. These traditional liquors are spruced up and served with a plethora of other flavors that make Craft bars so special! Craft bar accents are generally unique in order to match the trend of the unique drinks served at the establishment. Birch accents are especially popular, as are many woodenaccents, due to the history of Craft bars serving customers in centuries past. In places such as Hawaii and Florida, tropical accents are popular for Craft Bars.