There’s Nothing Tricky About These Sustainable Halloween Treats

At The Waterfront Restaurant, we pride ourselves on using only the best ingredients. We focus on finding local and sustainable protein and produce, and handcrafting everything from bread to soup stock in our kitchen. We firmly believe that food of all kinds can be tasty and even indulgent while still being good for the world around us. With Halloween fast approaching, we wanted to let you that there are plenty of Halloween candy options that are ethical and sustainable. These treats are not only delectable, but good for the planet, and that’s no trick: Image Source: Organic Milk Chocolate Bug Bites By Endangered Species Chocolate These fun little treats are perfect for party favors and trick-or-treat bags alike. Endangered Species Chocolates are all packed with cacao that is fair-trade, ethically-sourced, certified organic, and free of GMOs, plus each individually-wrapped square contains a fun and educational insect trading card that will delight recipients long after the chocolate is gone. And if all that’s not enough for you, portions of the proceeds from your purchase go to support species and habitat conservation. Image Source: YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans Believe it or not, not everyone is in love with chocolate. That’s okay: there are still plenty of sweet treats for the non-chocoholics. These mouth-puckeringly sour jelly beans are made with real fruit extracts and are free of artificial colors and dyes. They’re also a great option for people in need of gluten-free candy options. Image Source: Justin’s Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Chocolate and peanut butter is a classic combination for a reason. The perfect balance of salt and sweet makes this pairing irresistible. Justin’s is one of the most popular organic peanut butters in the world thanks to its superior taste level: when it’s matched up with organic fair-trade dark or milk chocolate it becomes even better. But be warned: this decadent candy is so tasty that trick-or-treaters may be coming back for seconds and thirds.