The Health Benefits Of Eating Fish

The Health Benefits Of Eating Fish The health benefits of eating fish are well documented, and many Americans take advantage of their benefits on a regular basis. Just eating one to two servings of fish per week could significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, per the American Heart Association. The organization notes that fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are the nutrients that positively benefit the heart. However, there can be slight dangers in eating large amounts of fish. Certain types of fish can expose you to mercury poisoning, which can be dangerous. Most humans have limited risk of mercury poisoning no matter their fish intake, but those eating large quantities of fish over long periods of time have a higher risk for the condition. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for your heart health because they reduce the amount of inflammation throughout the body. By reducing the amount of inflammation in veins in the heart, blood pumps more efficiently and veins are less likely to get clogged. Healthier veins means less blood clotting, lower blood pressure, and more regular heart beats. While most fish carry these Omega-3 fatty acids, some, such as catfish and tilapia, don’t. Deep-frying fish instead of baking or broiling also can take away many of the health benefits that are good for the heart.