Stone Crab Claw Preparation and Serving Tips

How to prepare and serve stone crab properly. Stone crabs are harvested and sold by both recreational and professional stone crab hunters. Eventually, the claws of many of these creatures end up on a plate in the form of a stone crab claw dish. The most traditional way to prepare stone crab claw is to heat up the claws, which is eventually served with either butter or a sauce. However, stone crab claw can also be served cold. Generally, about two and a half pounds of cooked stone crab claw will yield about one pound of claw meat. Florida stone crab claws in particular are notorious for their delicious flavor. Here’s how to prepare them. Stone Crab Claws Served After Stove Heating If you are going to serve stone crab claw after heating the meat on the stove, you should start by heating a pot of water with a small pinch of salt. Stone crab claws should then be placed in a steamer basket and placed in the pot of boiling water with the pot covered. The crab claws should stay in the pot for around 5 or 6 minutes, and then they should be taken out and served fresh. Stone Crab Claws Served Cold Stone crab claws are also often  served cold. The stone crab claws must first be cracked open using a mallet or another heavy instrument. Towels or clothes are advised for stopping shells from splattering during this process. The mallet should lightly tap both sides of the stone crab claw’s knuckle. Once the claw is open, it is traditionally served with crushed ice on a tray with lemon wedges.