About our Cuisine

Our regular menu is based on the finest products we can find and updated seasonally. They are prepared in classic form, with emphasis on fresh, natural flavors.  Most customers will recognize favorites – picatta,au Poivre, pesto, mojo, and others.

We devote one page of the menu daily to unusual items and special presentations, where our creativity and depth can be explored.  An old formula – finest product, classic presentation, with the addition of rare and seasonal items with original and cutting edge techniques.

We try to find finfish that are underutilized local species, and showcase them with fitting compliments. We take advantage of our small format to use items that are hard to get, and available only in small quantities. Local watermen provide us with things that larger and more commercial enterprises would have little use for, but our format thrives on.

This leaves us with a well rounded menu with items that nearly all customers are familiar with, and an outlet for more adventurous and traveled diners to experience the best and brightest available product in our market.

Our kitchen is spacious and well equipped. We use this advantage to cook from the bottom up – our own butchering, stocks, breads, even our own smoked salmon.  Since most of our product is prepared entirely on site, accommodating special menus or diets is one of our specialties.

We are also committed with being as ‘green’ as possible, taking full advantage of recycling programs, use of biodegradable packaging whenever possible, and conservation of energy and natural resources.