Edible Sarasota Magazine Helps Us Spread Our Message Of Sustainability

The concept of sustainable eating is not a new one. It probably first began to garner real mainstream attention as far back as 1986 when Carlo Petrini founded the international Slow Food movement (a social movement which sought to battle back against the nascent fast food culture by preserving traditional and regional cuisine and promoting small businesses) but it certainly existed before then. Similarly, while it’s only in the past few months that The Waterfront Restaurant has begun to share our passion for sustainability through our Facebook page and in this very blog, our eco-friendly history dates back much farther. For over a decade we have sought to be sustainable in every area of operation. We carefully source all of our ingredients from high-quality vendors and focus on acquiring as much local seafood and produce as we can. We also prepare things from scratch whenever possible, from homemade stock to fresh-baked bread. Even our takeout containers are environmentally-conscious. You might ask – doesn’t this way of doing business cost you more money and take you more time? Sure, but we don’t mind. In fact, we think it’s important to operate this way for a variety of reasons. First, by buying local from independent vendors, we are stimulating our local economy and helping small business owners. Second, we are able to provide jobs to talented bakers and prep chefs that we wouldn’t be able to employ if we bought prefabricated items. And finally, we are able to control the quality of our food and drinks so that we can be sure we’re serving you meals that meet our standards. Sustainability is kind of a trendy buzzword right now, but we’re not jumping on a bandwagon. Being eco-conscious has been integral to our core concept from day one. We’ve been content to be silent stewards of sustainability for over a decade, but of late we’ve realized it’s time to step up and take a leadership role. We hope to inspire individual consumers and other restaurants alike to examine their habits and take steps to live and eat just a little more sustainably. You don’t have to do it the way we do it: it works differently for everyone. It’s all about mindfulness. Not sure where to begin in greening your diet? You’re in luck: there is a terrific local publication that’s an invaluable resource to the local food scene. Edible Sarasota shines a spotlight on everything from local restaurants to farmers’ markets to independent food artisans to home cooks and much more. For several years they have served as a culinary roadmap for the Sarasota, Charlotte, and Bradenton areas. Lately they’ve been expanding their coverage to report on the spectacular fare available on Anna Maria Island, and we’re honored that they chose to do an in-depth feature on us in their latest issue. You can read it on their website (along with another great piece on our friends down the street at Relish Café and Marketplace), pick up a free copy at one of these locations, or even sign up for a subscription. Are you motivated to explore your sustainable side yet? If so, leave us a comment or talk to us on Facebook! We can’t wait to get inspired by you.  All images in this article are courtesy of Edible Sarasota and photographer Kathryn Brass.