Dietary Specialties

Dietary Specialties Most people know what it means to be vegetarian—it’s as simple as avoiding meats and eating fruits and vegetables such as oranges, cucumber, and broccoli. Vegetarians typically have some leeway when it comes to other foods, such as grains and pastas which can contain gluten. More specifically, gluten is found in flour, wheat, triticale, kamut, semolina, and spelt, all of which are wheat-based ingredients. Gluten is just the name for several proteins which are used to help the foods keep their texture and shape. Although gluten-rich foods are consumed by many, there are certain illnesses, such as Celiac Disease, which react poorly to gluten. Foods that are known to contain gluten and are commonly served include breads, pastas, cookies, cakes, cereals, pastries, beer, crackers, and even dressings and sauces. It can be difficult to eat gluten free foods, but there are plenty of options available, such as fruits, beans, vegetables, nuts, eggs, fish, herbs, and even rice or quinoa, which are considered gluten free grains. Gluten free pasta is typically made from quinoa, and there are a plethora of producers in the market, such as Barilla, Andean Dream, Jovial, Dionaturae, DeBoles, Trader Joe’s, and more.