Dietary Specialties

Dietary Specialties Most people know what it means to be vegetarian—it’s as simple as avoiding meats and eating fruits and vegetables such as oranges, cucumber, and broccoli. Vegetarians typically have some leeway when it comes to other foods, such as grains and pastas which can contain gluten. More specifically, gluten is found in flour, wheat, […]

Florida Shrimp, Oysters and Scallops.

A little info about Florida Shrimp, Oysters and Scallops. Oysters Oysters farmed in Florida’s Apalachicola Bay are considered some of the most delicious and tasteful in the entire country. In the Apalachicola Bay, harvesters use tongs from small boats to capture oysters. This relatively small region still produces about 90 percent of all oysters eaten […]

Which Fruits And Vegetables Compliment Seafood

Which Fruits And Vegetables Compliment Seafood No matter what kind of seafood you are eating, there is always a fruit or vegetable that would complement the dish perfectly! Let’s say that you are having a hearty meat of freshly baked Salmon. The Salmon sounds mouthwatering on its own, but let’s look at some side dishes […]

Shell Fish – Local & Sustainability

Shell Fish – Local & Sustainability Sustainability In Fishing And Sea Food When it comes to fishing, hunting, selling, and eating seafood such as shellfish, crab, and oysters, sustainability is becoming a bigger issue every year. Supporting sustainable fishing means that the species being hunted will still be able to procreate at a “sustainable” rate, […]

Catching Scallops In Florida

Catching Scallops In Florida If you are looking to catch scallops in the state of Florida, you are looking towards the state’s west coast. In particular, you are looking at the northwest region of the state, a stretch of beach that covers areas such as Port St. Joe, Cape San Blas, Keaton Beach, Steinhatchee, Crystal […]