Taste of the NFL II

Great wines for a good cause. Taste an Argentine chardonnay, a fantastic New Zealand sauvignon blanc, then compare two Argentine malbecs, one a rich reserva, and lastly a Sonoma Cabernet with a Napa Cabernet. The good cause – sponsored by the NFL – 6 meals for the homeless in the USA with every purchase. All of the wines will be available to take home at great prices. Chef promises delicious tailgating fare to go with it. Join us for a fun time.

New vintage wines are coming!

We are excited about having a new addition to our restaurant, a library collection of vintage wines not available in the retail market will be coming soon, including California cabs from the 90’s, Bordeaux’s from the amazing 2000 vintage, old Amarones and more!

In Anna Maria, It’s Easy Being Green

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed in the past few weeks, it’s that our little Island is as busy as ever. Even though we’re in the dog days of summer, we’ve had plenty of visitors enjoying our beaches, browsing our shops, and dining at our restaurants. Tourist season in this part of the world usually comes to a pretty abrupt halt right after Easter, but even this late into July we’re seeing plenty of vacationers from throughout the United States and all over the world. So what keeps bringing people to this hidden gem of a seaside town? We like to think it’s due in large part to the efforts of sustainability and preservation that have kept our Island so quaint. Over the past three or four years, the landscape of Pine Avenue has changed pretty dramatically. In spite of this it’s starting to earn the moniker of The Greenest Little Main Street in America. Thanks to two eco-friendly developers dozens of new shops and rental properties have opened up along the once quiet street. Now small local businesses are booming in a series of eco-conscious buildings that are stimulating the economy without spoiling the view or detracting from the low-key community vibe. The fun, beachy properties built by the team at Pine Avenue Restoration (PAR) are now home to an incredible variety of local businesses. Some of our favorites?  Chic boutique Pink and Navy carries a variety of socially-conscious brands like Shwoods and Toms, and Anna Maria Donuts peddles delectable breakfast confections. There is also plenty to enjoy just up the road at the Anna Maria Island Historic Green Village. This one-of-a-kind retail campus contains two of only fourteen Platinum LEED certified buildings in Florida, and is one of only a handful of LEED platinum and Net Zero energy complexes in the entire world. This charming village is made of salvaged historical buildings that have been completely retrofitted with cutting-edge green technology. Some of our favorite neighbors there include the bold, bright nature-inspired abstract works at Bob Brown Art, the coastal gear and apparel at AMI Outfitters, and the eco-friendly upcycled treasures at Really Relish. All in all, Pine Avenue is a street filled with little gems of small, independent local businesses many of whom are carrying products that are both stylish and sustainable. As a restaurant that thrives to serve the most sustainable cuisine possible, we couldn’t be more pleased to be located just at the end of the road from these fantastic local businesses. If Pine Avenue really is The Greenest Little Main Street in America, we’re proud to be doing our part to make it that much greener.

Wine Tasting Results

Let us know how you enjoyed our wine tasting.

Three Surprising Eco-Friendly Food Trends

As a sustainable restaurant, we’re always on the lookout for ways we can be more environmentally-conscious. Therefore, we pay close attention to eco-friendly food trends as they emerge. Some are really amazing and innovative, while others are maybe just plain weird. Here’s a look at three of the wacky and wonderful green food trends currently on the rise: Image Source: 10Best.com Homegrown Hotel Honey It’s not unheard for sustainable and farm-to-table restaurants to grow their own produce and even raise their own livestock in areas that have the acreage to support such resources. It’s a lot more uncommon to find restaurants with their own honeybee colonies, especially when the restaurants in question a) are located in urban areas and b) are part of a hotel chain. But Fairmont Hotel & Resorts (which has been committed to preserving the environment for over twenty years through initiatives like their Green Partnership Program) have come up with an incredibly inventive way to deal with the very real concerns about Colony Collapse Disorder in North American honeybees. The Fairmont has installed rooftop beehives at several of its worldwide locations. This is a community-conscious effort. The bees aren’t confined to their rooftop homes: instead they boost the local environment by pollinating area gardens and parks. But travelers can also benefit from this offbeat trend: the delicious sustainable honey produced is being harvested and used by the restaurant chefs in their bars and restaurants. It’s a clever concept, and one that benefits both restaurant patrons and the community at large. Image Source: NYDailyNews.com Bugging Out Over Bugs In America, when we think about protein sources, we typically think about the standards like chicken, beef, and pork. But all around the world, people get their protein from unexpected sources, including insects. We might associate crunching down on a cricket as a cultural delicacy at best and a Fear Factor challenge at worst, but insects could soon play a much bigger role in the food world. Many leading scientists and food economists think that insects are actually the future of food. Even the Food and Agricultural Organization and the United Nations are on board with the exciting new concept that eating insects could help tackle global food insecurity. Image Source: Businessinsider.com Clean Packaging Club Here at The Waterfront, we always make an effort to use biodegradable packaging whenever possible. We carefully source all of our to-go containers to make sure they are on the cutting edge of eco-friendliness. But even we can’t compete with edible packaging. Some cutting edge food producers are coming out with everything from gummy shot glasses to edible hamburger wrappers. This concept may be off-the-wall, but it could have a very real effect on reducing the cost and environmental impact of food packaging.  

Adria and Kevin’s Wedding Celebration

Adria and Kevin will be exchanging their vows in the garden courtyard this evening. We will not be having a wine tasting this week.