Gourmet Wine Dinner with Bob Broman

We are happy to announce that Bob Broman will be on hand for a four course gourmet wine dinner at the Waterfront on Tuesday evening December 4th. Each course will be paired with one of Bob’s wines, either from his personal vineyards in the Napa Valley or from one of the wines he makes with Cecchetti Wine Group, his joint venture with his former partner at Sebastiani Vineyards. Bob has also held the winemaking positions at Stags Leap Wine Cellars and Concannon Vineyards, and he offers three decades of memories from his vast experience. Seating is limited and you can sign up at the restaurant or by phone.

Happy Holiday Tasting

We are happy to be hosting our holiday wine tasting featuring six fabulous wines from some of the world’s most highly regarded wineries – limited edition, small production wines that you won’t see hardly anywhere. This will definitely be a tasting you don’t want to miss. We look forward to toasting all of you for all of your support, and wish you the happiest of holidays.

Salsa Tasting at The Waterfront

Join us this week for one of our most popular tastings – salsas! We whip up a variety of different styles of salsa – traditional tomato, roasted vegetable, fruit, you name it. Some served with chips, some as an appetizer, some with breads or vegetables. We will have a variety of beers and wines for you to pick from as well to see what goes well together. If you have a recipe you’d like to share with us feel free to bring some along, it certainly will be welcome.

Do Your Prefer The Red Wine Or The White? Actually, We Prefer The Green

Did you forget to make a reservation for Valentine’s Day this year? That’s okay. Cook a romantic meal at home, light some candles, pop open a great wine and you’ll receive bonus points for intimacy. You can raise your game even further by showing that you don’t just love your date – you have some pretty strong feelings for the planet, too. Organic and otherwise sustainable wines that are still delicious, accessible, and affordable are getting easier to find all the time. So, whether you opt for a bottle of red or a bottle of white (or maybe one of each, we don’t judge) you can boast that it’s actually green. Still at a loss what to pick? Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly wine selections to enjoy this Valentine’s Day: Image source: Lcbo.com Want something to sip on while you’re pulling out your old UB40 CDs and playing “Red, Red Wine”? First, pour yourself a glass of the 2009 Chateau Maris La Touge Syrah. It comes by its sustainable bona fides honestly: it’s a biodynamic vegan wine made from organic grapes by vintner Robert Eden who takes low-impact wine-making so seriously that he is in the process of building the world’s first zero-carbon wine cellar from hemp bricks. But beyond that, this wine is just seriously good: smooth, juicy, and plush with a complicated mix of cherry and berry flavors. Now, once you’ve had a sip of that, please back slowly away from the UB40 and find some better mood music. Image source: Adictosalalujuria.com Want to start the meal with something light, bright, and sparkling? Pop open a bottle of something bubbly. Can Vendrell’s Cava Brut Reserva is a sparkling wine made from certified organic Spanish white grapes with flavors of green apple and pear. It’s light, tart, and crisp with a dry finish and pairs perfectly with creamy goat cheese or briny oysters. Whether your first course is a cheese plate or a subtle attempt at culinary aphrodisiacs, you’re covered! Image source: Wilsondaiels.com Still hemming and hawing over your main course? Be prepared with a bottle of Ponzi Vineyards Pinot Gris. This white wine is infused with pear, but also with richer fig tones, meaning it can stand up to a whole range of seafoods and meats and spices. Its creamy texture and long finish ensure that it can be paired with the most decadent of meals and still sing.