Weekly Wine Tastings

Our weekly wine tastings will be returning soon. We are still busy but expect that we will be able to start up again sometime in mid May. More info to follow as we get closer. We are also excited about having a new addition to our restaurant, a library collection of vintage wines not available in the retail market will be coming soon, including California cabs from the 90’s, Bordeaux’s from the amazing 2000 vintage, old Amarones and more!

Gluten-Free Made Easy And Accessible At The Waterfront Restaurant

Over the past six months we’ve talked about how proud we are of our decade-long history as a sustainable restaurant. But going green isn’t the only area where we’ve been ahead of the curve. For several years we have offered a wide selection of gluten-free dishes. Some people see the more widespread recent gluten-free diet awareness as a trend or a fad. But for many people, keeping a gluten-free diet is critical – and very difficult to achieve. Image Source: Supermarketnews.com So what is gluten? It’s actually a protein that is found in wheat and barley and rye – and, by extension, countless food products including bread and pasta. People who are intolerant to gluten gradually suffer damaged intestines which prevent the absorption of vitamins and minerals: this can set off a whole chain reaction of health problems including fatigue, pain, gastrointestinal issues and skin problems. The autoimmune disorder celiac disease is the most-known of the gluten-caused illnesses, but there is thought to be a wide array of gluten sensitivity – mostly undiagnosed. It’s hard eating a gluten-free diet out in the wild. Shopping for groceries becomes incredibly time-consuming, because you have to scrutinize every label to be on the lookout for hidden gluten or wheat. It lurks in the most unlikely of places, from salad dressings to soups to candies. It’s also really difficult to find a restaurant with more than a few gluten-free options. Plus, if your gluten intolerance is severe, you need to visit a place that is very careful about potential cross-contamination. Image Source: Sidedish.dmagazine.com We have experienced gluten issues firsthand, so we are personally invested in serving up plenty of delectable gluten-free dishes at The Waterfront Restaurant. Much of our menu is naturally gluten-free already, and most other dishes can be easily tweaked to be gluten-free. Our kitchen and waitstaff are very knowledgeable about the challenges gluten-intolerant customers face and will do everything in their power to serve you a delicious meal regardless of your dietary restrictions. More and more restaurants in Anna Maria are embracing wider gluten-free options. Our friends right down the road at Relish Café offer some truly tasty breakfast and lunch items. We are excited to be at the forefront of the gluten-free movement and look forward to continuing to serve amazing food to our customers without letting food allergies or sensitivities hold them back.  

Four Colorful Events To Brighten Up A Gray Day

It’s a dreary, cloudy morning here in Anna Maria, but that’s okay. We have colorful times ahead of us. Here’s a list of some local events that will soon be brightening up your life. Image Source: Ringling.edu ArtMUSE We love it when someone can take something that others might see as trash and turn it into something enduring and beautiful. Renowned artist Lisa Hoke when she participates in the 2014 ArtMUSE program at Sarasota Museum Of Art (SMOA) from January 15th through February 4th, 2014. Hoke has been celebrated for her installations made from recycled cardboard boxes. In the upcoming days, she’ll be creating one such piece inside the historic Sarasota High School building (the future home of SMOA). Area residents can come watch the artist as she creates one of her signature multidimensional vibrant art pieces and witness the project as it evolves. They can also participate by donating colorful cardboard boxes which may be used in the piece. This is upcycling on a truly magnificent scale. Image Source: Facebook.com/AnnaMariaChalkFestival Anna Maria Chalk Festival This weekend, on January 18th and 19th, 2014, Historic Pine Avenue will be the site of the first ever Anna Maria Chalk Festival. Chalk artists from all over the world will create intricate, colorful masterpieces out of chalk along the streets and sidewalks. These pieces are stunning not only for their mastery, but for their fleetingness. It’s a powerful statement to spend time creating art that can only be enjoyed for a limited time before the elements gradually wash it away. Don’t miss this evocative and transient art installation. Image Source: Jacksonsart.com Tropical Splendor Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is always a wonderful place to experience the glorious shades of nature. Through February 27th, 2014 that magnificence is taken to a whole new level with Tropical Splendor: Garden Paintings by Anna Mason and Tom Stephens. The new art exhibit demonstrates two artists’ fascination with Selby Gardens and its plants, and features a wide range of artistic interpretations with distinct perspectives. Iconic Selby scenes and plant specimens are represented in every way, from overarcing vistas to intricately detailed close-ups. Image Source: Runordye.com Run Or Dye 5K Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to get in shape? You won’t find a more fun way to kickstart your goal than by preparing for the Run or Dye 5K which will take place in Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota at 9am on March 22nd, 2014. This is not a serious race for serious athletes: this is a fun run. For every kilometer you complete, you’ll get showered in a vibrant (and safe) eco-friendly cornstarch-based dye, so by the end of the race you are as colorful as a rainbow. White clothes and crazy costumes are encouraged so that participants look as wacky and colorful as possible by the end of the race.  Even if you don’t run unless a bear is chasing you, that’s ok: you can totally walk.

Battle of the B’s – Bel Arbors vs. Bogle Vineyards

This week we are going to compare two of our favorite California best buy wineries products – Bel Arbors, a restaurant exclusive product vs. Bogle vineyards, a popular mid priced line that consistently gets “best value” credits from most all publications. Many of you will be happy to know that this week we will offer two whites and four reds, being their reds are so good. We will be offering some great appetizers as usual, so join us Thursday in the courtyard. P.S. The weather is supposed to be great this week. See you here!