eEcosphere: The New App For The Eco-Conscious Techie

Okay, so everyone wants to be a little more eco-conscious, right? And it seems like it should be easy. Businesses you patronize are promoting their sustainability practices, products you buy proclaim proudly that they are wrapped in green packaging, and you can’t spend more than five minutes on the internet without stumbling upon a blog post that assures you that with just three easy steps you can save the planet (we know: we’ve written some of them). Image source: But the problem is, sometimes the more and more people talk about something, the less meaning it seems to have. After a while, it gets difficult to tell who is green because they mean it, and who is just greenwashing to be like the cool kids. It becomes hard to pick out a signal from all the noise. But a new app called eEcosphere hopes to filter out some of that static and make the path to eco-conscious living much clearer. Think of it as a social media network with a specific purpose: to help you live your best green life by being inspired by your peers. Unlike general social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, eEcosphere is specifically designed to help users access actionable and specific green living ideas. So, for instance, instead of a vague dictum like “reduce food waste”, users can share more concrete tips like “bring your own reusable container to a restaurant in case you have leftovers”. Perhaps most importantly though, the app allows you to interact with like-minded people on whom you can model your own behavior. As eEcosphere co-founder Aaron Krause said in a recent Huffington Post article, “people like to be similar to others”. One of the easiest ways to foster behavior change is by allowing people to see where they measure up socially. The app also incorporates other aspects of social media we love – picture-sharing functionality is one, and the ability to complete challenges – are among our favorites.    eEcosphere is currently available to iPhone users, and an Android version of the app is on the way. Go ahead and check it out: you might be surprised by the simple but specific inspirations you’ll find when it comes to living your day just a little greener. 

Roguetoberfest 2011

Traditionally our most popular tasting of the year, Roguetoberfest is our version of the German holiday using the delicious lagers and ales of Rogue Brewery of Oregon. Each year we select at least six of their dozens of offerings and pair them with traditional Octoberfest foods.