Thursday Wine Tasting

We will have our weekly wine tasting, theme to be determined.

The Expression of Terroir

This week we are excited to introduce Florencia Massacessi, a new vendor from LTD Wines, a small importer of some very good new wines that you will not see anywhere else. At this tasting we will compare a few of the same varietal wines that are grown in totally different soils and climates to see what the effect is on the finished products. It has always intrigued me how different the wines taste because of the soil, the morning fogs, or the slope of a hill can make. Come experience the differences with us.

Hahn Vineyards Tasting at The Waterfront Restaurant on Anna Maria

Six selections from Hahn Vineyards with Jerry Szklarek of Republic National. More to come.

All Faiths’ Food Bank Bowls of Hope Embodies The Spirit Of The Season

It’s only mid-October, but judging by most of the stores you walk into, Christmas is just around the corner. You could be forgiven for thinking that the whole stretch from mid-September to the New Year’s had become some smushed-together holiday called Hallowgivmas. However, there are still amazing special individual days throughout this period each year, and one of our favorites is coming up just a month from now. Image Source:   On November 9th, 2014, from 11am to 2pm, our friends at All Faiths Food Bank will be holding their annual Bowls of Hope event at Phillippi Estate Park.  People throughout the community have donated beautiful handcrafted bowls that signify all the empty bowls that All Faiths Food Bank and its volunteers, donors, and supporters help to fill: attendees will be able to take one home as a significant reminder of our ongoing fight to end hunger. Local restaurants will also be in attendance, serving soup and bread and desserts. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather by sharing this very special event with other friends of All Faiths Food Bank on November 9th. Hunger knows no season, and compassion and generosity can keep our hearts warm and our bowls filled all year long. Visit the All Faiths Bowls Of Hope page to purchase tickets and learn more details. 

Local Artist Jake Fernandez Is Pushing The Boundaries

We are so fortunate to live in such a rich and robust arts communityy. We love the bold and vividly colored abstract paintings at the Bob Brown Art gallery on Pine Avenue. We adore the amazing events and ever-evolving themed showcases on display at our Artspace Anna Maria neighbors. And we’ve long been taken by the exciting textural multimedia spin on landscapes by Jake Fernandez. Jake is known for pushing boundaries in his work, so his latest project is especially intriguing: he is currently on day three of a self-imposed experiment with creativity utilizing solitary confinement. Image Source: La Finca de Parchman: even Days and 16 Hours in Parchman Farm is a multiday live performance art installation conceived by Fernandez as a tribute to the Freedom Riders civil rights activists who were often jailed at the Mississippi State Penitentiary (aka Parchman Farm) in the early 1960s for protesting segregation. Since March 23rd, Fernandez has been confined to a blacked out 9 by 14 foot art studio on the campus at the Art & History Museums Maitland Art Center as part of Art 31. Until this experiment ends on March 30th, Fernandez will have zero contact with the outside world, and only the barest of essentials: a bathrrom (no shower), dry food, water, one light and his art materials of oils, charcoal, and canvas. While there is a live video stream of Fernandez in his studio so anyone can check in on him at any time, he won’t have any contact with the outside world. His challenge will be to continually create art in an environment with no inspiration or feedback for the full week. 30% of the studio is not visible to the camera’s prying eye, but all of Fernandez’s creative process will be documented. Immediately upon his release at 4pm March 30th, 2014, Fernandez will be talking about his experience in a presentation at Maitland Art Center’s Mayan Courtyard. One of the reasons we love Fernandez’s work is because he clearly draws so much inspiration from nature, as do we. Our art is different: we produce culinary creations inspired by local seafood and produce, while Fernandez goes a much more visible route. We’re fascinated to see what kind of art he’ll create when stripped of his typical inspirations, and we’ll enjoy checking up on him throughout this thought-provoking experience.