On Sustainability, Craft, And Gratitude

The Waterfront Restaurant was closed from September 16th through September 26th, but we weren’t on vacation: instead, we were hard at work crafting a craft bar. It’s not just that we renovated the structure of our existing bar in order to increase storage for all of our new drink components and to help ensure speedy service (although that was a large part of what we did). For us it was just as important to craft each drink recipe to perfection, so we spent plenty of time tweaking our ingredients. Whether we were debating the merits of a salted rim for our Smoked Margarita or comparing what brand of vodka worked best in our American Mule, we were obsessed with getting every detail right. Why pay such close attention detail? Because we know our customers deserve it. Image Source: Blog.fairwaymarket.com You see, if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have a craft bar. We started the process of trying to acquire a liquor license years ago specifically because we got so many requests for a full bar from our loyal customers. And when we had to go so far as to petition the City of Anna Maria to adopt a new spirits ordinance to make that happen, we were successful in large part because of our committed clientele who sent emails and showed up to meetings and stood beside us throughout the journey. Image Source: Gardenista.com So when you come join us at The Waterfront and sip one of the new cocktails on our spirits menu, please know that we used only the finest ingredients and put hours of time and care into creating each and every beverage we serve. We are passionate about sourcing only the freshest and most sustainable ingredients for our innovative and creative cuisine, and we brought this same ethos to creating our craft bar. Sustainability is an integral part of who we are, in no small part because we genuinely believe it helps us create a better product in addition to being good for the planet. And at the end of the day, providing the best possible experience to our customers is paramount. Image Source: John Damato So please know that each bite of food and each sip you take is our way of saying thank you. As a community, you have supported us through all of our endeavors, and we will continue to strive to be all you deserve and more. As we reopen and head into a new era, we raise our glasses to you. 

Cru Beaujolais Tasting

This week we are going to do something a little different – six red wines, all from the crus (growths) of Beaujolais, at the southern end of Burgundy. Unfortunately, Beaujolais seems to have gotten a “bad rap”, as they say, because of the massive advertising of Beaujolais Nouveau, their first wines released each November. They are, generally speaking, fruity, thin quaffing wines. Not true of the crus of Beaujolais, grown in the North Central part of the region on the hazy blue hilltops. We will be able to see the differences the terroir (soil and growing conditions of an area) has on the end products. Each of the wines are made from the Gamay grape, but as you move up and down the Cru region each wine has a distinct personality that the good growers explore and express. These wines, at their best, are truly, deliciously different. We will pair it with some of the regions typical dishes, so don’t miss your chance to learn the difference terroir makes, and taste six of the best wines from a region you rarely here about over here, but are immensely popular overseas.

Thursday Wine Tasting at The Waterfront Restaurant on Anna Maria

This week we will have Craig Baker, the Southern and Central U.S. Division Sales Manager of Robert Kacher Selections, importers of Estate and Domaine wines of France. He will be joined by Jennifer Foye, our Fine Wines specialist with Premier Wines, to talk about their “Best Buys” selections. We will sample a few wines we see frequently, such as chardonnay and sauvignon blanc, but with the distinctive old world flavors not found in wines from this side of “the pond”. We will also taste a few wines rarely seen in these blends over here, so I look forward to tasting the different styles. We will have hors-d’ouevres to go with the wines, and the wines will be available to you at retail pricing, and they aren’t wines you’ll see often. Thursday in the courtyard, 5:30 – 7:30.