The Walk, Run or Fly 5K Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Part of the reason the people here at The Waterfront Restaurant are so committed to sustainability is because we want to create a cleaner world for ourselves and for future generations. We want to ensure that in the years to come, there is clean water to drink and clean air to breathe. And we’re not the only ones. In fact, for one group of people in particular, getting the chance to take a deep breath of fresh air isn’t an experience they take for granted and so they take every chance to get out and enjoy it whenever they can. One Breath At A Time (OBAAT) is a nonprofit organization in Tampa, Florida. Their mission is to facilitate the entire lung transplantation process for patients receiving lung transplants at Tampa General Hospital. This doesn’t just include the patients themselves, but their families. Patients and their loved ones must often travel great distances for treatments and medical procedures, and their support groups often need a place to stay for an extended period of time. This is why OBAAT established the Butterfly House, which provides short-term room and board for patients’ families. OBAAT is always trying to raise funds for support endeavors including the Butterfly House through special events. On Sunday, May 4th, 2014, OBAAT will be hosting the Walk, Run, or Fly 5K. Participants will include transplant recipients and their friends and loved ones, medical personnel – and, we hope, you. OBAAT has hosted 5ks before, but they are hoping to make this event bigger and better than ever by making it super-accessible. They don’t just want hardcore runners (though those are embraced): they walkers and strollers and meanderers, too. In essence, they want people who value every step they take and every breath they take, whether they’re breathing with the lungs they were born with or the lungs they received through the gift of organ donation.   They also encourage you to have fun. The butterfly is OBAAT’s symbol for many reasons, not the least of which is the transformation that patients go through when they are able to breathe through their new, healthy lungs. So they want you to feel free to wear wings during the 5k, whether you walk or run, as a celebration of those who have already transformed, and those who are waiting and fighting for their chance to undergo the same evolution. The Facebook page for the One Breath At A Time Run, Walk or Fly 5K is being unveiled today, so be sure to stop by and be one of the first to like it. You can also visit their page to sign up to walk, run (or fly) with us. The registration fee is $25, and all proceeds will go to continue OBAAT’s amazing work. Runners and walkers are both welcome, and groups are encouraged – the more the merrier. No matter your fitness level, you are sure to have an amazing time while raising funds for a great cause. Take a deep breath and register today!

Three Drink Trends That Are Heating Up The Summer

It’s so hot out right now that we simply cannot think about anything but cold drinks: luckily, there are plenty of interesting ways to quench our thirst this summer. Here’s a brief rundown of some of our favorite new trends in craft beers and cocktails. Some of them are vintage, some brand-new, but all are totally tasty and guaranteed to cool you down even as the temperature keeps climbing. Image source: What Is Suze? Everyone seems to be asking the same question this week – what is Suze? In our estimation, it’s the elderflower liqueur of 2014. Remember two years ago when seemingly every cocktail had St. Germain in it? We predict Suze will similarly take America by storm. The pleasingly bitter aperitif has been popular in parts of Europe for years, but it’s only recently that Pernod has found US distribution for this unusual drink made from the twisty gentian root found in the mountains of Switzerland and France. It’s been described as being simultaneously earthy, bitter, medicinal, floral, citrusy and sweet – an odd combination to be sure, but one that brings and interesting flavor profile when added to old standby cocktails like a martini or white sangria. More and more craft bars are embracing herbaceous ingredients like lavender, which Suze should pair with perfectly. Suze not in your area yet? That’s okay – we still are partial to the elderflower flavor profile ourselves. We’ve been hearing rumors that Angry Orchard’s elderflower hard cider has been hitting the shelves locally in some specialty liquor stores, so that should tide us over until Suze finally arrives. Image source: Return Of The Negroni                                                                          If you pay even a little attention to cocktail trends, you would know that the negroni is having A Moment. There is some fun mythology surrounding the supposed 1919 origin of the negroni, but people tend to be more concerned about the taste than the backstory. The negroni is, simply put, not for everyone. The blend of Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin is strong, bitter, and aromatic. People who love negronis wax rhapsodic about them endlessly: people who don’t love negronis are pretty sure that everyone who claims to like negronis is a liar. And yet, it seems to be everywhere. There was a Negroni party at this year’s Aspen Food and Wine, a Denver restaurant is offering barrel-aged negroni – heck, it’s so popular in San Francisco, at least one popular bar is serving it on tap.  Image source: Sweet And Sour So, after reviewing the pungent and bitter cocktail trends, it seems fitting that we turn our attention to something on the sweeter end of the spectrum. If you’re not into bitter beer, you’re in luck: this summer is the season for fruit beer and sour beer and we happen to have a few fantastic ones on our menu. If you want to challenge your palate a bit, try out Monk’s Café Flemish Sour Ale. This Belgian ale has a distinct but mild tartness that will have you thinking about beer in a whole new way. If you want something a little more straightforward, the Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat is refreshingly fruity. Both are available in our wide selection of bottled craft beers. Also, if you happen to stumble upon Stiegl Radler Grapefruit next time you’re at Total Wine, be sure to give that a try, too. It’s half pilsner, half tangy grapefruit soda, and one hundred percent delicious – definitely one of the top drinks of this summer. 

All Faiths Food Bank Wants You To Skip A Lunch And Help A Child

When we talk about hunger, it’s easier sometimes to talk about it on the global scale. But the truth is, hunger is a local problem in every community including ours. In Sarasota County, fifty percent of students receive free or reduced-price lunches because the food supply in their families is stretched thin. That’s 21,000 kids who live in our neighborhoods and go to our schools. And when the school year ends, their situation becomes increasingly dire without school lunched to rely on. Image source: While there are numerous food pantries in the area dedicated to helping local families, they too are stretched thin in the summertime. Many of them rely on food and cash donations from the community, and though we are often in a generous mood during the holiday season it can be more difficult to rally support during the rest of the year. This means that at a time when families need food most, food banks and other local organizations face a real danger of running low on resources and provisions. Image source: This year, All Faiths Food Bank is tackling this annual problem head-on with the launch of their Skip A Lunch Campaign Against Summer Hunger which will run from April 1st to May 10th. Their goal is to raise awareness about the very real hunger problem right here in our community, as well as gather donations of food and money to help serve the community throughout the lean summer months. Image source: Even though the campaign doesn’t officially launch until next month, it’s already generating a lot of buzz. All Faiths’ community partners (including our friends at Edible Sarasotamagazine) are spreading the word, and the local restaurants who comprise the Sarasota-Manatee Originals (ourselves included) are planning to be involved in a big way. Be sure to like the Skip A Lunch Facebook page to show your support for this important cause, and stay tuned to The Waterfront’s Facebook page for updates on how you can start combating hunger right where we live.