TripAdvisor’s recognizes The Waterfront

I’m reaching out from, the vacation rental company of leading travel site TripAdvisor, and we are thrilled to announce that through industry research and traveler feedback, we’ve found the most loved and most talked about restaurants on Anna Maria Island, and The Waterfront Restaurant has been recognized on the list of Top Restaurants Worth Traveling for on Anna Maria Island!

Celebrate National Beer Day Every Day With Some Off-The-Wall Craft Brews

Yesterday was National Beer Day! But we don’t need a special day to be in the mood to celebrate beer, especially a super-cool craft beer. So even though it may seem like we’re a day late and a dollar short putting up this blog post about some of crazy and unique craft beers new to the market we’re really not: it’s just that every day is beer day for us here at The Waterfront and we’re pretty much always celebrating it – even when it gets a little weird. For instance, our inner archaeologists have been geeking out over Paleo Ale a beer made from yeast found on a 35-million year fossil. Even the most vintage wines can’t compete with something with that kind of history. How does something like this even come into existence? Science! There’s a great nonprofit organization called Paleo Quest that is devoted to making geology and paleontology accessible. Its cofounder Jason Osborne was pondering one day how he could get the public more engaged in conversations about science. He thought about how sitting in a group and drinking a beer often fosters stimulating conversation and the Paleo Ale concept was born. Image source: Osborne reached out to Jasper Akerboom at the Lost Rhino Brewing Company. Akerboom, a brewing scientist with a background in microbiology was intrigued by Osborne’s question over whether there might be traces of yeast attached to the fossils PaleoQuest had discovered over the years. Sure enough, on a 35-million year old protocetid whale fossil, they were able to discover an entirely new subspecies of a yeast known by breweries the world over. And now Bone Dusters Paleo Ale is a thing that actually exists! You’ll be able to find it soon in the taproom at the Lost Rhino Brewing Company in Ashburn, VA, and they may do a limited distribution. If you are lucky enough to encounter some go ahead and pick it up. Not only are you drinking an ancient grain, proceeds from your sale will go to a fund which provides kids in underprivileged schools with science equipment. Believe it or not, that’s not even the weirdest beer we’ve heard about in the past few weeks. If you’re not interested in drinking bone dust (no matter how significant it may be archaeologically) you’ll definitely want to skip the new Walker pale stout by Dock Street Brewing Company. The ingredients seem innocuous enough at first: wheat, flaked barley, oats, organic cranberries. But that’s not the whole story. The beer is inspired by the post-apocalyptic zombie show The Walking Dead, so as a result it has one extra special ingredient – braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains. Smoked goat brains, to be precise. We haven’t had a chance to taste it yet, but we’re sure it won’t be totally offal (see what we did there)?   Image source: The craft beer world is a pretty amazing place right now, thanks to wildly inspired brews like these. So be like us and make every day your own personal National Beer day. You might be surprised by what