Random Acts Of Kindness At The Waterfront

Here at The Waterfront, we can never resist a feel-good, heart-warming story – especially one that takes place in a restaurant. So that’s why we were so thrilled to find out that last week our very own restaurant was the site of one of those random acts of kindness that always make us smile. On Friday evening we received a private Facebook message from a lovely woman who wanted to tell us about her daughter’s Waterfront dining experience. Her daughter was out with some friends and they had a fantastic time and enjoyed their meal immensely. But that’s not the special part: in fact, we hope that happens for everyone that comes in. No, what took it to the next level was another patron. The woman’s daughter and her friends chatted for a while with another patron who was in the restaurant celebrating his birthday. Much to their surprise, when it came time to pay their bill, they discovered the gentleman they had spoken to earlier had picked up the tab for the whole group. The mother wanted to let us know how touched and overwhelmed her daughter was by the gesture, and how it made a wonderful evening that much more special. She was wondering if there was any way we could identify this mysterious benefactor so that they could thank him. There is some idea at the restaurant over who the mystery diner was and we’re trying to get some confirmation so the family that reached out to us can thank him personally. But in the meantime we thought we’d say thank you. We say thank you to this man on behalf of a family who will be forever moved by a gesture you made. We say thank you to this man for gracing our restaurant with his kind and generous spirit. And we celebrate not just this man, but every person who strives to make someone’s day just a little brighter with a random act of kindness. We hope you’ll be as inspired by this story as we are, and that you’ll take a moment or two this week to do something wonderful and unexpected for someone you encounter, whether they are a friend or a stranger. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to go wipe our eyes. (We were just cutting onions. We totally weren’t crying.)