Three Cool Places To Stay Warm During The Polar Vortex

It’s a cold one out there today! Everyone’s talking about the polar vortex that’s bringing unprecedented chilly weather throughout the country. Even here in the usually toasty paradise that is Anna Maria it’s currently a rather frosty 43 degrees. So you know what that means: we can’t stop thinking about lovely warm comforting things. Particularly, we can’t stop thinking about warming up our hands with a hot mug of fragrant tea or rich coffee. Here’s our list of some of our favorite local places to get your toasty caffeine fix. Image source: Relish Café Located just down the street from us in the Anna Maria Historic Green Village, Relish Café is one of our favorite daily coffee stops. It’s a great place to gather together with friends and enjoy a leisurely morning, but they’re also clever enough to have an express coffee lane for people who need to grab their cup for the road. There’s also some great shopping: we love the assortment of vintage and upcycled home goods for sale.  All this, plus it’s in a Platinum LEED-certified building which makes our sustainability-loving hearts very happy. Image source: Sarasota Tea Co, The Tea House We won’t lie: we’re usually coffee drinkers. But when tea is carefully sourced and perfectly prepared it is a real game changer. The Sarasota Tea Co, The Tea House has a vast array of teas from all across the world, and each cup is individually prepared for each customer’s particular taste. We are particularly fond of the chocolate cardamom which is rich and velvety and a great transition for those coffee-lovers among us. Be sure to carve out some time to sit and enjoy your tea in the beautifully and eclectically-decorated space –the décor features pieces by sustainable design revolutionary Mark Nodeen of 390 Design as well as various odds and ends sourced from Circus City Architectural Salvage (a perennial favorite shopping place of ours). Image source: Black Gold Coffee Roasters Black Gold Coffee Roasters in Venice is a bit of a drive but believe us when we say it is worth the trip. Owner Gary Lauters II sources coffee beans directly from premiere growers and farmers all over the world and roasts them right on site. This coffee is direct trade and/or fair trade (great for sustainability) and, simply put, amazing.