Thoughts On The State Of Sustainability

The Waterfront Restaurant has been an environmentally-conscious business for nearly a decade. When we adopted sustainability as our mission, there were only a handful of other restaurants and businesses embracing green practices at our level. This was likely due to a variety of factors. First, running a green business (and especially a restaurant) can cost a lot more money and not every small business owner is willing or able to invest in more responsible business practices. Second, there was the intimidation factor. In the early days of the green revolution, it was overwhelming for some businesses to conceptualize going green when they had very few other role models. There wasn’t a lot of transparency or accessibility. Finally, there was the hesitance to adopt what might be a fleeting fad. Remember, until recently, there was no evidence that sustainability would have any staying power, at least in the world of commerce. Image Source: But that’s all drastically changed in the past five years. Now more and more businesses are embracing eco-friendly initiatives as a way to appeal to a savvier customer base. In fact, sustainability has become something of a marketing buzzword. And a new report released by MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group indicates that this trend will continue, as an increasing number of businesses are developing sustainability strategies to appeal to a more well-informed and active-minded customer base. Image Source: Amy Quinlan Swanson We’ve always been passionate about preserving the planet for future generations. In fact, because it’s been part of our mission since the very beginning, it didn’t really occur to us until this year to discuss our green endeavors. It just comes naturally to us. But as ethical business practices have become more important, we’ve realized that we have an opportunity to lead by example and share our story so we can help inspire other businesses to embrace the switch to sustainability. We’re so proud to have been part of such a massive global movement, even though we are just a single restaurant serving our local community. And as the new year approaches we’re excited to continue to serve great food to our amazing customers while we continue our strides towards increased sustainability. Here’s to another year of serving our community and strengthening our planet.