Join The Slow Food Movement

Over the last few decades, our culture has become more and more convenience-based. Thanks to advancements in technology we can make phone calls from our cars, video chat with loved ones when we’re away on business, and download a book with just the touch of a button. So it should come as no surprise that fast food has become a billion dollar industry. After all, what’s more convenient than picking up dinner for the whole family without even stepping out of your car? But convenience sometimes comes with a heavy price. Our access to groundbreaking technology can make it easy for us to ignore the people we’re with in favor of texting someone a half a world away. And fast food, while convenient, is bad for both our health and the health of the planet. Not only is fast food often laden with unhealthy fats, it leaves a big carbon footprint. Each day, hundreds of thousands of cars idle in line at fast food restaurants. Food deliveries are made by giant diesel-spewing trucks, and the food itself is often sourced from questionable distributors – anyone remember pink slime? But there is a refreshing counterpoint to the fast food culture. The Slow Food movement has been steadily gaining traction of late, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The Slow Food movement is a global, grassroots effort intended to link the pleasure of food with a commitment to the community and the environment. Thousands of people around the world are embracing this simple yet progressive way of life, and many of them live right here in our community. The Slow Food movement revolves around the concept that food should be good, clean, and fair. We do our best to embrace these tenets here at The Waterfront Restaurant. We source most of our food from small, local vendors: not only does this help our local economy and help prevent phenomena like ocean grabbing, food just tastes better when it’s fresh. So tonight why don’t you skip the drive through, leave your phone in the car and come dine with us? We’ll happily serve you classic cuisine with a fresh local twist. You’ll be surprised how much better food tastes when you slow down just a little and eat something worth enjoying.